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About Us

You may be asking yourself, where did these people come from, what is their history with horses? What are their training methods based on? 

Located in the Brunswick Foothills in the South West.

BC Horse Training offers a versatile Horse Starting style that has satisfied the Racehorse owner, Elementary Dressage rider and even Endurance Riders. With a reasonable price tag their straight forward, kind and considerate style is appreciated by all horses and owners alike.

BC Horse training strives to create trust-based relationships with horses from the ground up and take into consideration at all times each horse and owners individual needs. Joanne offers bodywork on horses in our care also if required at anytime throughout a horses time with us so your horse will be given the best of care while at BCHT.


Edward Baker

Eddy, originally a Moora boy, was a member of the Moora / Gillingara Pony Clubs, and spent a lot of his time riding ponies and stockhorses till his early teens.

At 13, Eddy educated his first horse, a young standardbred. From there, he continued on with a stockhorse mare, starting her from scratch. This was a crucial stepping stone in what would become a successful and rewarding career with horses.

In 1997 Eddy's parents enrolled him in Bindoon Agricultural College where his passion grew for horses. While at Ag College, he completed a 3 year Equine Management course.

During his holidays, Eddy started young horses to saddle with some of the local breakers (Moora and Toodyay). After completing his course at tafe cert II in Engerneering, Eddy worked at a Brahman stud in New Norcia before venturing north to Hamersley Station. It was here in the dusty outback, that the savvy horsemen noticed Eddy's gift for working with horses.

2006 saw Eddy return to Perth to be offered a job breaking and working Thoroughbred's with his uncle, Robert Smith. Immersed in the world of racing, Eddy learnt the art of breaking, about sophisticated fitness programs and began working towards his Trainer's and Track Rider licences. It was this job, based in Waroona, which inspired Eddy to find his niche in the breaking industry. By this stage, Eddy had made a good name for himself and was well respected within the industry. An easy going friendly type, who made everyone feel at ease, including his horses.

In recent years Ed has started Ranchsorting and has proven himself very competitive at it representing WA at the National Ranchsorting as a 2019 finalist, & is in the top Rankings for WA placing 2019 & 2020 2nd Res High Point Rider for WA after only 18mths competing in the Discipline.

Eddy is focussed on a style of Horse Starting & Educating that would produce a versatile horse, suitable for any discipline be it Dressage, Cow-horse Sports or just an everyday Hack for someone to enjoy on the Farm - Good Training Foundation matters to Ed no matter the horses chosen Discipline.

Joanne Campbell​

Jo's interaction with horses began at the tender age of 5 and the love affair with horses stuck like mud. A country girl at heart, based in Perth, Jo was a member of the Darling Range Ponyclub by 7 where she became known for breaking records for best bareback rider soon after. Word around town is she's still unbeaten.

After completing her Pony Club Certificates, Jo dabbled in her long standing passion, dressage and showing. Years of private tuition and competition meant Jo was a forced to be reckoned with when it came to show prep. Jo started her own show preparation business and was soon inundated with Perth Royal horses, specifically the Turnout and Breed Classes, followed by WA State and Nationals.

Jo tried her hand at several Thoroughbred Studs south of Perth and thrived on the experience. Handling foals, yearling prep and other stud duties saw Jo blossom into a confident, competent handler, well respected by those who worked with her.

As the years passed, Jo instructed Beginners to Advance riders in the classical ways of training, assisted with floating training, rode breakers along side Edward, and delved into building on her knowledge of Correct Training and Rider Coaching.


In recent years Joanne has put a lot of time into building her training knowledge - Travelling to Spain to train with Master trainer Rafael Soto ( Spanish Olympian ) & has regular ongoing training with Ramon Guerrero whom both trained at The Spanish Riding School in Jerez.


2019 Saw Joanne delve into the world of Bodywork seeing BC Horse training take a much more Holistic approach to Training & Coaching since learning Emmett 4 Horses and Acupuncture Orientated Energy. We also have an Equissage Machine as well which is used on our own and client horses.


Since learning these techniques our approach to training has become built on an awareness of putting the horses wellbeing first, like you and I are athletes so are the horses and this needs to be thought of at all times for the benefit of the horse and to help get better outcomes with training. 

Eddy and Jo still regularly attend all sorts of Eventing, Hacking, Dressage, Camp drafts, Ranch sorting and of course the ever exciting Rodeo but their main focus is training horses for their clients and we wouldn't be lying if we said this is their Life and the Future of every horse matters.

Choose BC Horse training as here your horses health and well being is considered and your horse will be in the hands of two people whom love what they do.



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