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Training Services


Check out the variety of Training services we offer at BCHT, we can adjust these services to meet your specific equestrian needs. If you cannot find the specific service you are after, please contact us to discuss a package or notify us of what you need assistance with and we can cater a package to suit.

Contact BCHT Team to Ask about Vacancies Available 


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Training Services - Start @ $320/week to $595/week. 


Starting horses under saddle with education tailored to owners requirements.

All horses started under saddle with us learn to:

* Be long-reined in Round yard and in the Open.

* Solid Understanding of Lateral Flexion & Soft Rein aid.

* Stop off your seat.


* Walk, trot and canter comfortably while ridden and establish calm paces on the lunge to verbal commands.

* Have a good understanding of Leg aids.


* Basic lateral work - turn on the forehand, hindquarters and basic leg yielding in Walk and trot.

* Basic Tie up, stand to be washed down, farrier, saddled and rugged etc.

* Basic bush riding with or without company on the road and local Pine Plantation. 

*2wks discipline specific Training in each 6wk Package: Dressage basics for dressage horses or hacks, Racehorses are ridden in an exercise pad and have been worked around our local bush tracks and our home track, All-rounders are exposed to a bit of everything, cow horses are introduced to cattle and mechanical cow, Endurance horses are Trail Ridden in Different Environments bush and Road.

Our Packages also Include - Client Hand over of up to 2-4 Rides before pickup Throughout Training with Horse before Returning home you will be asked to Ride your horse and once your comfortable with horses Education level then pickup is arranged.


Different Package lengths suit different budgets and Client needs, and this is catered for at BCHT.

Unhandled Stock Welcome as well as handled & Pickup can be arranged to assist in safe travel of unhandled Stock at owners Cost.


Re-education for Troubled, Injury Rehab or Older Horses

​Educating includes Re-mouthing, Basic Flat work, Basic Lateral movements and Bush riding along with discipline specific training.​

Rehab from Injury using Holistic therapies that can help with Muscle, Emotional and Pain memory issues - Using a mix of Training techniques along with Bodywork doing Emmett 4 Horses & Acupuncture Oriented Energy known as AOE a method of therapy Developed by Christian Torp a German Veterinarian. Horses are in good hands and all soundness/ soreness findings are reported to owner. Treatments are Charged when done if Required as part of the training package.

Floating Education for Young and Re- Education Horses
Willing to train to owners requirements. Self loading is encouraged. General handling also provided as part of this service.



Rider Coaching & Clinics

Available on site @ BCHT or Travelling Coach option

45min to 1hr lessons helping riders achieve their goals with their horses.​

* General Rider & Horse Training

* Classical Dressage & Lateral Specific Workshops 

* Lessons on Cattle & Dry work ( Prices vary as cattle levy applies )

* Groundwork lunging and In-hand lateral work Training 

* Horsemanship & Obstacle training 

* Pole work

* Group, Shared and Individuals catered for.

Willing to Travel State wide

Prices Start @ $55 per rider Group of 4 & Individual $80/rider (+ travel costs unless done at BCHT. May vary depending on distance travelled.)


Would You like to Host a BCHT Clinic, Contact us today.














Additional Services Offered


Further services offered to clients with specific training requirement

​General Handling - Including Hosing down, tying up, farrier, In-hand work (walk and trot on a lead easily and willing to stand square and present to a judge, In hand laterals), lunging, rugging, desensitization & float training.

Foal Handling - (For Studs and Hobby Breeders) Halter training, desensitization and general handling such as farrier, grooming and tying up, leading etc.

Other -

Leg Restraint training

Sensitization & Obstacle Training

Float Training ​​

If you cannot find the specific service you are after, please contact us to discuss a package or service requirements suitable for you.














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