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Agistment Services

BC Horse Training is Located 15 minutes drive from Bunbury in Benger/Brunswick, our private property is established with safe electric fencing, stock safe pipe gates and paddock shelters currently under construction for the summer & Winter months. Feeding programs are tailored to suit each individual horse requirements and a variety of feed options are available by request.



Full Board & Part Board Agistment

24 hour supervision including full use of training facilities

  • Part board (Includes Meadow Hay roll with Individual paddock or Shared paddock) - $110.00/week 

  • Full board (Includes 1 hard feed and meadow hay per day with individual paddock) - Diet Catered to the horses needs Starting at $180/week.

  • ALL INCLUSIONS in all Agistment - Seasonal rugging and flyveils (am/pm changes over Winter)

  • Full use of training facilities in the PM & AM during weekdays and weekends as long as no clinics or Lesson sessions booked.

  • 2x Sand Round yards

  • 80x40m sand arena with jumps paddock Mix of Show jumps & XC logs

  • Irrigated mixed kykua, rye and clover based pasture ( Recently seeded with Horse Pasture Regen Mix ) Green all year round.

  • Groups of 2 to 4 horses or Individual paddocks available Pricing Differs if you want Individual so Ask.

  • 10% DISCOUNT OFFERED on Farrier Services, Clinic & Coaching Services as long as not already discounted. 

  • Agistment packages can be tailored to suit your requirements

Price: $80 - $200 (Inc GST) per week

Contact us to Cater an Agistment Package that suits your needs. 

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